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About Us

As one of Canada's top sport medicine product suppliers, Trainer's Choice remains committed to exceptional customer service, quality products, and competitive pricing.

The roots of Trainer's Choice extend back 20 years to a thriving small town sports medicine clinic. As we worked to help people recover from sports or workplace injuries, our team of therapists and chiropractors recognized the limited choice of quality "off-the-shelf" braces and supports that were available.

So we began to make our own by working with physicians and our therapists to customize off-the-shelf braces and supports to better meet the needs of clients.

Continuing to refine our design, about a decade ago we went on to create a line of premium supports and braces, which quickly caught on with therapists, trainers, team doctors and professional athletes in a wide variety of sports.

That tradition continues today, with ongoing sport medicine practice influencing the design of each new Trainer's Choice product.

  Getting you back to Life, Work and Sport!